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We specialize in acrylic dance floors that are high gloss compared to vinyl wraps which can be very dull. We do not have any light-up or LED floors, but we do have options that are very reflective of the lighting in the room.

We do offer full wraps if you have a full design but only on our dance floors. We do not apply wraps or vinyl graphics to house floors.

We do not have a “standard” floor. Our most popular option is the White Acrylic dance floor, but it is not “standard.” If you are looking for the most economical option, this is the way to go!
All of our pricing is custom to each event. We do not have pricing sheets, as all dance floors and events are different.
Sizing is dependent on your venue, floor plan, and guest count. Our panels are 4×4, so we can make any combination of sizes by 4’.
The price for a vinyl graphic is based on the square footage. Pricing includes the vinyl, printing/cutting, weeding, and masking. It does not include the design or application. If you do not have a stationer/graphic designer for your graphic, we can also design it for an additional fee.
We do not travel at this time. We only serve the DFW area.
No. We require a 50% deposit to secure your date, and the remaining balance is due 10 days prior to the event date.
We offer a 3% discount if the invoice is paid by check or ACH transfer.
Fees are different for each event. Here is a list of fees you might see on your estimate/invoice:

  • Installation/Pickup: Applies to every event. This accounts for labor
  • Outdoor Set-up: If your event is outdoors (regardless of a tent, grass, turf, gravel, or concrete)
  • Vinyl Graphic Application: If we are applying vinyl to the products
  • Distance Fee: If your event is further than 15 miles from our location
  • Difficult Access Fee: If the venue is difficult to access

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