At Center Stage, we’re known for our unique high-end dance floor designs and creative ingenuity. Our focus is on your event’s details so that your dreams become a reality. Now we are also committed to making your sustainability dreams come true. Yes, we’ve gone GREEN!

This creates tens of thousands of pounds of plastic waste each year in the DFW area alone! Not us. Instead of just tossing out our dance floor sheets, we stockpile our used floor surfaces at our warehouse and recycle these high-grade materials, significantly minimizing plastic waste. When we can’t reuse acrylic sheets, we thoroughly clean the surface, remove any monograms or wraps, and store them for recycling. Once we have at least 5,000 lbs accumulated, we palletize the material and deliver it to a recycling broker. And all of our plastic shavings are conscientiously gathered and placed in secure heavy-duty bags to prevent microplastics pollution. But we don’t stop there. Most event companies dispose of their used acrylic (aka lucite or plexiglas) material in landfills.



We installed solar panels (a 12.2 kW system) at our company warehouse. This system covers nearly all of our electrical usage, making us a solar-powered company! And even more capacity will be added in the coming years.

We have a sharp focus on energy-efficiency, too. We built our facility to be extremely well-insulated to save energy, and have installed LED bulbs throughout.

At Center Stage Floors, we care about all of your details—right down to your commitment to social responsibility. That’s why we give you the highest-grade products on the market and promise to reuse and recycle whenever possible. To us, putting effort into helping sustain the Earth is much more important than saving some time and money. And just having entered a new decade, we have pledged to make our next 10 years as green and sustainable as possible. We will strive to ensure that our current and future clients receive the best service possible with minimal impact on our planet. It’s the best of both worlds – sustainable luxury. Together, we can make our world a more fun (and greener) place.

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